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Toowoomba Mayor Shows his support for Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours

We've been talking with Mayor Paul Antonio about our vision. Listen to what he has to say about Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours

Posted by Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours on Saturday, July 14, 2018


To find out more about this very special project you can email Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours at :- ltrmt@bigpond.com

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I’m Mick Jackson and I’ve been a motorcycle riding enthusiast for over 35 years and I’m passionate about sharing the thrill and exhilaration of the motorcycle ride experience with other people. I am so passionate about sharing the ride experience that I established and ran a motorcycle tour business in the past.

During the time I operated the business, by far the best experiences we had were while conducting rides at events for “The Make a Wish Foundation”, the “Cancer Council” and “Disability Action Week Events”, where people with a range of disabilities and special needs went for a ride and found the experience very exciting, personally rewarding and a welcome diversion from their daily worries.

The only regret that came from this experience was that we couldn’t take everyone for a ride because the ride procedures and safety protocols and indeed the solo bikes themselves couldn’t deliver a safe ride experience for people with more severe disabilities and conditions.


Toni Sat down with us to talk about

Josh's mum, Toni sat down to share how participating in the riding experience has benefited Josh and helped him to feel engaged, socially included & more connected within the community

Posted by Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours on Friday, September 21, 2018

I felt I should do something about this and for a number of years have been working to develop, Live To Ride Motorcycle Tours. It’s an innovative new disability friendly motorcycle based recreational activities and tourism service that will provide people with a disability or special needs the capacity, ability and opportunity to share in and enjoy the thrill of a motorbike ride in comfort, in safety and with dignity.

In order to do this I have basically re written the motorcycle tour manual from the ground up to cater for people with a disability and/or special needs.

I’ve developed new safer ride procedures and protocols, created a comprehensive new set of safety standards and produced a unique, and highly expanded tour rider training program that will give our riders the skills and understanding required to work with people with a wide range of disability’s and special needs.


I’ve also designed an innovative new disability friendly sidecar outfit that will allow access for a passenger that uses a wheelchair and will allow a disabled passenger to travel with their carer.

To raise the funds required to build our innovative new custom designed sidecars and start this unique disability friendly tour service I’ve previously set up the “What About Me” crowd funding campaign.

To find out more about this very special project you can email me at :- ltrmt@bigpond.com

Or call me on 0409 380 727

Together we can make the dream of going for a motorbike ride a reality for so many people. Thank you for supporting this very worthwhile project.                                                                       

Yours Sincerely, Mick Jackson.

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